Ashland N-DurHance™ A-1000 conditioning polymer wins 2015 China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Award

Shanghai, China - Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), today announced that its N-DurHance™ A-1000 conditioning polymer has won a 2015 China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Award.

The award, which is co-sponsored by Reed Sinopharm Exhibition and Ringier Media Group, recognizes individuals and companies who have introduced new products, ideas, or technologies for efficient manufacturing, cost effectiveness and user convenience. More than 55 companies applied for this award and were reviewed by a panel of industry experts.

The award winning N-DurHance A-1000 conditioning polymer is a new acrylate-based homopolymer which brings an enduring dimension to hair repair and conditioning. It repairs damaged hair for extended periods, resulting in physiochemical properties normally found in virgin hair. Conditioning efficacy is maintained with N-DurHance A-1000 conditioning polymer, even after five wash cycles; whereas commercial conditioners lose their efficacy after one wash. The polymer is highly substantive to hair, with no measurable build-up and can improve consumer perception of web-comb and manageability.

"N-DurHance A-1000 conditioning polymer meets consumers' demand for innovative and holistic hair care product that can visibly and perceptibly improve hair condition and hair beauty. It works differently than other technologies to deliver a uniform hydrophobic layer on the hair surface, resulting in consumer benefits that actually improve through the course of several wash cycles," said Michael Ling, technical service manager, Ashland Specialty Ingredients, Asia Pacific.

"A large number of conditioning ingredients in the marketplace address dull, rough, difficult to comb hair, but none revert strands back to a hydrophobic state long enough to provide meaningful value for consumers," said David Popplewell, global marketing manager, hair care, Ashland Specialty Ingredients. "N-DurHance A-1000 is the latest discovery for healthier, smoother and more manageable hair. W are proud to receive the China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Award. It reinforces our position of providing world-class personal care ingredients, and active research to innovative new product solutions."

"We are constantly evaluating opportunities to meet current and future local market demands and continually striving to drive innovation forward by combining our global and regional technical expertise and strong commitment to developing new products," commented William Zhao, general manager, Ashland Specialty Ingredients, Greater China. "We will continue to bring the latest technologies and solutions to our regional customers for them to win in the competitive and dynamic personal care marketplace." 

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